A New Play by Jason Zabel

Directed by Scotty Gunderson 

Annie Marble and her grandson Chief lived in a blaze red fire engine. Down on her luck, Annie Marble permanently parks the fire engine in the back yard of a drunk woman named Gloria Firm. Two months later, Annie Marble dies of cancer, leaving Chief alone with the drunk and her eleven-year-old daughter. When a mysterious man in a loincloth appears in the Firm’s backyard, Chief’s story begins to unfold and unravel and splinter to pieces.

Photos by Molly Baeverstad


"CHIEF is at once whimsical and touching, irreverent and one point in the performance a police cruiser sped by, and the action stopped momentarily. We sat in the grass, took another swig of lemonade...The siren faded, and we were back. It didn't feel disjointed, it felt real. Literally taking place outside of the theatre, CHIEF becomes not a play, but something different altogether: an evening with neighbors that challenges us to welcome interruptions, and to never hold on too tightly to our definitions of even the most important things--religion, art, and family."--Lauren Van Schepen for Twin Cities Daily Planet

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